This is not a just a mommy blog.

Yes, I am a mommy. And this is my blog. But this is not just a mommy blog. I’m not going to offer any parenting advice (but maybe you could give ME some-I can’t get my 2 year old to eat anything except waffles and my 3 year old’s obsession with Tinkerbell is bordering on looney). I am a nurse turned stay at home mom enjoying the daily hilarity and insanity of life home with my kids. As my free time diminished, I found I had less time to read up on my interests-mainly fashion and interior design. Unread magazines piled up and eventually turned into furniture. I can’t tell you how many Vogue tables I ended up setting my sandwich on. So I let all those subscriptions expire and turned to blogs. I loved them because I could pick and choose what I read and touch on my favorite ones in a matter of minutes. They became my primary source of all things fashion, music, interior design, motherhood and a million other things. They kept me connected-which can be a hard thing to accomplish when your world revolves around Laurie Berkner (not familiar? Think Mamas and the Papas meet The Wiggles), The Fresh Beat Band (a punch in the throat to Twist if I ever meet him) and all things fairies/cars/trains/dinosaurs….you get the idea. And as my love for blogs grew, so did my desire to write my own. Every time a fellow mom at the playground would ask me “Where did you get your diaper bag?”or “Where do you shop for your kids’ clothes?” or a friend would say “only you would know where to get those pens”-it just seemed natural to me to write it all down. So here I am. I’ll share some really cool things I’ve found for your home, yourself and for your kids. I’ll share the things that I do to make my surroundings beautiful-and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to do it. And I’ll tell you how I try to keep feeling good about myself-even on a day when I’m covered in Cheerios and poop. I hope you’ll share with me, too.  Welcome to Beautiful with a side of crazy.


10 thoughts on “This is not a just a mommy blog.

  1. Am I your first comment?? lucky me haha! Congrats! I loved it and your fb posts anlways make me smile 🙂 Keep up the good work. I know you are an awesome writer and look forward to reading future blogs!!

  2. Woo hoo!! LOL!! But seriously… I think it is wonderful that you are doing this and I am sure you will have a great audience 🙂 I may pick your brain somewhere down the line. I would like to have my own blog 🙂
    Will I be able to read your blog on fb?? or do I need to sign up to be able to read??

  3. Thanks so much, Pam!! I’m working on a fb page, but that would only include the link to bring you back here. Until I get all the kinks worked out (that will be AWHILE), I’ll keep posting links to my personal fb page. But to get updates on all posts, it would be great if you would follow the blog itself. By the time you have your own, I hope I’ll have learned enough to help!

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