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We’ve come a long way from the tiny wooden desks of our school days. Back then, the only thing on or in them was your books and pencils. (And eventually a Trapper Keeper.) Now as adults, our desks are major pieces of furniture. We spend time deciding on which one works best. Find the perfect chair. Beautiful. And then a lot of people go and muck it all up by putting a bunch of ugly crap on top of it.  Boo. Desks can be a real missed opportunity for decorating. Done right, they can flow with the decor of the rest of your house and be a beautiful addition to your home.  For those of you lucky enough to have a home office, I almost feel the room should be like a retreat. It’s a place where you get away to work and get things done, yes, but don’t you do better work when you’re in a beautiful, relaxing space? And for those in smaller spaces (ahem…), the desk should be treated the same-it’s actually more important because it’s out on display. (Mine is in my living room.) So make it something to display. I’ve found some really cool things to put on your desk, some of which I have on my own.  With these things on your desk, you might actually enjoy paying your bills.

happy living Design: Wonderful Graffiti :: lucite letters.

How cool would a lucite letter look on your desktop? I am OBSESSED with lucite (as you’ll soon see) and these personalize your space in  such a funky way. Love.

Natalia Frame – Gold | Frames | Accessories | Z Gallerie.

I also love the way pictures personalize your desk. Whenever I sit down at mine, the faces of my two babies are smiling sweetly back at me. (That is, until I turn around and realize they’re screaming bloody murder because one smacked the other over the head with Thomas the Train.) I think these gold frames are kinda the bomb.

Little Pink Book Of Addresses – $9.00 : ThreadSence, Women’s Indie & Bohemian Clothing, Dresses, & Accessories.

Is this the sweetest little address book ever? I bought it not too long ago and it’s crazy cute. I had a hard time finding one, too-presumably because everyone keeps their info on their phones, computer, whatever. But I prefer an address book. Actually, I prefer this address book.

The Container Store > Synchronicity Stockholm Office Storage Boxes.

I mean, The Container Store. Do I have to say more? That place is beyond. The last time I went I had to take 2 trips out to my car to get all the stuff I bought. The husband wasn’t too happy, but I was thrilled. This place rocks and has everything on the planet to take your home from Hoarders: Buried Alive to Better Homes and Gardens. I love these fabric covered boxes and have similar ones at my desk. A lot of them.

LOVE Paperweight- Gold.

Ok, I’m pretty sure I don’t need a paperweight, but I sure do want this one. Really bad.

Acrylic & Gold Stapler | Waiting On Martha.

Acrylic Tape Dispenser |

Gold and acrylic. Together. It’s just too good. I have these puppies and they sit proudly front and center. No more drawers for them. I never thought I could love a stapler more. Now I know how the guy from Office Space felt.

Feathers Business Card Holder.

I hope to be important enough someday to need my own business cards. If that happens,this is where they’ll go.

Image from my Pinterest. Available at

Hands down, the coolest pens ever. I love the look of uniform pens. I got rid of (well, put in a drawer, anyway) all the miscellaneous pens and just have these out. It’s amazing what it did to the look of the desk; it instantly transformed it and it looks chic and organized. Pens are what you’ll use the most; isn’t it nice to have ones that look cool?

Personalized Notepad // Ikat Chevron // Set of by lanyapstudios.

And lastly, paper. This shop on etsy will personalize your notepads and you can pick out the color scheme. I’m still very much in a chevron moment. I’m hoping it will pass.

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a look at your desk. As Oprah once said, “Your home should rise up to meet you.” (Yes, I just quoted Oprah, get over it.) I couldn’t agree more. Make every part of it special and inspiring so you feel that way, too.


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