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Do you remember the first perfume you ever had? And do you remember the way it made you feel? My very first perfume was United States of Benetton, and I remember what it smelled like as if I just put in on yesterday (and not 25 years ago.) I also remember feeling like I had arrived-like I was a grown up. And at all of 16, I felt like a lady. Because that’s what perfume can do-it can make you feel things. It can provoke emotion. Our sense of smell can be a very powerful thing. I associate scents with events and people in my life. My grandmother, who passed away almost 20 years ago, wore the perfume White Shoulders and every now and then I’ll catch a whiff of it and I instantly feel like she’s right next to me, almost in an omnipresent way. All from a scent. As a girl is coming into her own, she’ll probably experiment with many different perfumes. Just like a girl won’t really know who she really is for awhile, she won’t discover her signature scent for awhile. I distinctly remember having a brief affair with Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth. (both the perfume and the song.) Thankfully, that didn’t last long. There was also my Calvin Klein era-from Obsession to Escape to Eternity to One. Then there was Estee Lauder’s Beautiful and Ralph Lauren’s Lauren. I remember them all and where I was in my life when I was wearing them. My life in perfume, if you will. But my experimenting days, so to speak, are now over. I have been using the same perfume for over 10 years now. I have 3 main ones, but Marc Jacobs will always have my heart. It is what I was wearing when I met my husband, and when we first started dating, he would always comment on how good I smelled. The first time he smelled a different scent on me, he said “that doesn’t smell like you.” And so I had a signature scent. And it smelled like me. Do you have a certain scent that you always wear or do you change it up? Do you change scents with the season? I know a lot of people that wear “heavier” scents during the winter (musky, woodsy) and “lighter” ones (citrus and floral) during the warmer months. I wear the same ones all year round, but I always like to hear what other people do.

Here are my perfumes. I don’t have a lot, but like I said I’m loyal to the ones I use. Like so many things, I like to keep them on a tray and keep them together. Here’s what’s there:

Marc Jacobs. I have tried a few other scents, but I always come back to this one. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me “what perfume are you wearing?” I’ve worn it so long I can’t even smell it anymore. The predominant note is gardenia-and I’m a sucker for gardenias. It’s feminine without being too sweet or too floral. It’s just lovely.

Jo Malone. I was turned onto this about 7 years ago, and it’s become one of my favorites. There are around 20 different colognes, and you are encouraged to layer them with a number of different combinations. But they are all lovely enough to be worn alone as well. My two favorites are Vintage Gardenia (which has since been discontinued; broke my heart) and French Lime Blossom. Individually, they’re quite nice, but together, they were divine. Sigh…

Ah, Chloe.  For years, I had heard ladies swoon over this perfume. Going on and on about how delicious it was. So I tried it, but it didn’t blow my skirt up. It was ok. And then a few months later, I tried it again and I got it. I was a believer. It is sensual and feminine, floral and fresh yet slightly woodsy and just overall really, really nice. I’ve been wearing it every day since Christmas (every now and then I take a brief respite from Marc but I always go back and then fall back in love with it.) I’m a fan.

The other little bottles of perfume on my tray were a gift from a dear friend from her recent trip to Italy. I don’t know much about them except that when I wear them, I feel uber special because I know I’m wearing perfume from Italy. That, and they’re amazing.

Maybe one day I’ll travel to the south of France and happen upon some fabulous perfume that is only known to chic French women that can only be bought in one place in the entire world and that like only 5 people know about. But for now,  I’ll keep going to Sephora for my Marc Jacobs. My husband would be disappointed if I didn’t. I wouldn’t smell like me.


4 thoughts on “Signature scent

  1. Thank you for the lovely comment. And I remember the day you wore the both Jo Malone perfumes together. We were at work and I asked you what you were wearing because it smelled so pretty. Only cool people knew who Jo Malone was back then.

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