Favorite things

So today I’m going all Oprah on you. No, I’m not going to shout “and YOU get a car!!!!!, “and YOU get a car!!!!!” There will be no goodie bags. No one is going home with diamond watches or major appliances. But I am going to share just a few of my favorite things with you. I thought this would be a fun feature post to do because I love hearing about things that other people think are really cool-things I never would have heard about otherwise. Some of these things I own, some things I wish I owned, and some of them just inspire me and I think are just downright awesome. This is a really, really long list but I’ll start with five.

1. The Lumineers. I love finding new music. I’ve always been a big music lover, starting with an all-out obsession with Cyndi Lauper that led to stalking out her favorite consignment shop in NYC when I was in elementary school. (Screaming Mimi’s in NoHo-it’s still there-and big props to my mom and dad for that one.) The Lumineers are not “new”anymore, but I still can’t get enough of them. When I first heard the song “Ho Hey” it was like a breath of fresh air. It’s a folksy, feel-good song  sung by people who clearly love what they do. (Did you see their performance at the Grammys? They were so damn happy to be there. Love that.) The rest of the album is equally as good and worth checking out if you already haven’t.

2. Bloom Theory camera strap. Now that I’m starting to get into photography, I clearly need the appropriate accessories. I found out about these camera straps awhile back but couldn’t justify getting one; my husband is the photographer in the family. He’s all serious and stuff. I’m the pleeb that takes pictures with my iphone. But I’m learning how to use hubby’s fancy camera now, and I can’t think of a better way to dress it up. Bloom Theory has quite a few decorative straps, and they are all gorgeous. My absolute favorite is called the Stardust and it’s at the top of my wish list.

3. Gold tray with gold spikes by TheWayWeAre on Etsy. I really love to put things together on pretty trays. Candles, jewelry, perfume, keys, mail…anything looks nice on a beautiful tray. This one takes the cake. It is so. Damn. Cool. It’s gold. With spikes. You could put garbage on it and it would look good. I have had this on my ‘favorites’ list on etsy for so long, and I would buy it right now if I didn’t think my kids would use it as a weapon and I’d like to save myself the E.R. visit. But when they are a little more calm, it will come home with me and find its rightful spot on my coffee table. Until then, I’ll keep visiting it on etsy.

4. Voluspa candles. Starting in November, one of the things I get excited about it getting out my Voluspa Golden Cypress candles. My scrooge husband insists on a fake Christmas tree, and I grew up with real ones and miss the smell of a real tree oh-so-much. But with this candle, I miss it a little less. It smells like Christmas. But not in a strong, yucky way-it smells like you are out in the wilderness searching for your own tree to cut down Griswold-style. It’s pure heaven. I always buy a few at a time because I burn them nonstop from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Then after the holidays, I love the Crisp Champagne one.  I’d buy it for the name alone (champagne=favorite thing ever), but the smell is truly divine. Fresh, just a touch sweet. Perfect.

5. Domino-The Book of Decorating. This is, by far, my most favorite design book ever. It’s my decorating bible. If you’re not familiar, Domino was a design magazine (with a cult-like following; I was part of that cult) that went out of publication years ago. When that happened, I was truly heartbroken. Domino gave me my love for interior design. But thankfully, Domino put out a book that is like the best of the best of the magazine. Pages and pages of gorgeous interiors, tons of great tips and decorating advice, and a source list that tells you where to get tons of stuff. I have given it as a gift more times than I can count and I continue to pull inspiration from it all the time. Don’t walk, run to buy this book. It’s a classic.

So that wraps up my first favorite things post. I hope that there will be many more of these to come. And maybe one day a goodie bag. Have a wonderful weekend!


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