My one piece bathing suit kicks your bikini’s ass

There are so many things that no one tells you about being pregnant/having a baby/life after baby. No one tells you that you will hardly sleep after being about 7 months pregnant because your lungs and your stomach are basically in your throat and your back feels like someone is actively pouring acid on it. No one tells you that while you are delivering your baby that things will come out of you that one should never, ever have to see. (My poor husband.) No one tells you that even after having your baby, you will still look 6 months pregnant. After my daughter was born, I had a woman ask me “When are you due?” To which I replied, “I already had my baby. A month ago.” And no one tells you, that even after a couple years have passed, your body may still not be the same. May NEVER be the same. Scratch that-WILL NOT be the same. I’ve come to terms with that. Things are wider. Lumpier. My jeans don’t look the same on me, and bikinis are out of the question. My stomach has come a long way (I gained weight the equivalent of a Backstreet Boy while pregnant), but my belly button… scary. It looks like it got caught in the middle of 2 lions fighting over a piece of meat. It’s just wrong. And sad looking. And must be covered up at all times. With spring here and summer right around the corner, I have bathing suits on my mind. But not just any suit. Things must be strategically covered up so that they don’t look like I’m trying to cover them up. Like I want to wear this one piece over the gorgeous bikini I have at home that I only got to wear once. But luckily, one-piece bathing suits have had a resurgence of sorts. I’ve so been digging them and I actually think I’d be wearing them even without the unfortunate belly button situation. So moms with funky stomachs and anyone else who isn’t comfortatble putting it all out there, rejoice! You can wear bathing suits that still flatter you and make you look your best. The one-piece is back, baby. Check these out:

I love all three of these suits from Anthropologie and I’m deciding on which I’d like to buy. I love the color blocking of the first two, but the black one with the keyhole is so va-va-voom! Can’t go wrong with any of these. And you won’t miss your bikini. Find these at

JCrew probably has the best swimsuits around, in my opinion. The ones I have are beautiful, flattering, and well-made. They have ruching in all the right places and every time I’m wearing one, I’m not worried about what’s flapping or bouncing around. Because it’s all locked in tight like a sausage. (But not in a bad way.) They make you look your best. And they’re classic. Buy at:

Oh hi, Hotty McYouarehot. I can totally see Beyonce wearing this on her yacht while hangin with Jay Z and Blue Ivy. And me. I’m definitely there too. Available at

I’ve had my eye on this Zinke number for two seasons now. I look at it often and think I just need to take the plunge and buy it. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a removable peplum? Go now to:

I have a slight obsession with Mara Hoffman and this suit is no exception. Her prints are vibrant and graphic and just basically amazing. Buy at:

I think red and pink are my favorite color blocked colors, so naturally this suit must be mine. Join me at:

So with all these amazing options, still think you’re missing out on the whole bikini thing? Yeah, me neither.

Have a great weekend! x


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