Nice and easy.


Life gets so crazy. We are rushing this way and that, time is short, and everyone is busy. School, work, playdates, soccer games, dance class…does it ever end? Well, not really, but that’s life. But every now and then, you get one of those days. A day when you have nowhere to be, no one to meet, and nothing to do. And those are my most favorite days of all. I live for the days when we don’t have to rush out the door to school-when I can scoop up my kids in their jammies and bring them in my bed in the morning for some snuggling and giggles. Then we all get to have a slow, lazy breakfast, stay in pjs as long as we like, play on the floor, and then if it’s gorgeous outside like it was today, we get to go outside and explore. And that’s just what we did. All day. My son put on his superhero cape as soon as he woke up and kept in on until he went to bed. My daughter and I played with sidewalk chalk for hours. We played hide and seek and admired the blooming flowers. And when my husband came home from work, we all went out to dinner (my son still wearing his cape) and then walked to go get ice-cream. In my book, it doesn’t get any better than that. It will all change next year when my daughter will go to school every day, but for now I am cherishing these days more than I can express. Here’s a snapshot of our day:




We ended the day with Zoe using chop sticks! Kiddie chop sticks, but hey…gotta start somewhere. I’m pretty sure my husband ate his baby food with these, so she’s in good hands.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you get a chance to slow down a little bit.


4 thoughts on “Nice and easy.

  1. You have turned out to be not only a great Mom but a beautiful one also. When I see how some kids crave attention it makes me feel good to know there are still families out there that are truly families! Enjoy them now as they grow too fast and independent before their time.

  2. I like, very much, the fact that you weighed this post towards the photographs. They speak volumes, are loaded with perspective, and are exceptionally artistic. My favorite post so far.

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