A trip to Ikea and a rite of passage

First of all, I’d like to address one little thing: as I am still very new at this, it has come to my attention (thanks to the husband) that the emails that this blog sends out are chock full of typos/crap. I am constantly getting the ‘preview’ and ‘publish’ buttons mixed up, and have many times sent out a post that wasn’t ready. So I yell out “OH SHIT” and frantically correct everything that I can in warp speed, thinking that I can get it done before anyone reads it. Little did I know that it is that first, crappy draft that gets emailed out. Oops. Sorry to all that have had to read those crappy emails. I will do my best to not be such a spaz in the future.


I have been talking about getting bunk beds for the kids for awhile. My kids share a room that is short on space, and having two cribs (one converted to a toddler bed) was taking up a lot of space. Their toys were spilling over-scratch that-taking over-our  living room. With all the extra space, I could take back part (a very small part, but still…) of my downstairs. So we went to Ikea to look for one. I wasn’t sure how the kids would take to it. Zoe would be on top, putting her up pretty high, and Brody would be giving up the comfort and familiarity of his crib. The trip to Ikea turned out to be not just about our search for a bunk bed, but also about a day of hanging out at a furniture store. But not just any furniture store-how many others have a full restaurant (with pretty good Swedish meatballs), a gigantic play area- complete with ball pit, and ice cream and sweets on your way out? That place is ginormous and pretty fun, actually. We spent at least 2 hours there. Here’s what we saw that I thought was was pretty cool:


This is the Maskros light fixture. I have been eying it for a long time. It is so modern and cool. This is the smaller of the two and is only $49.99.


Here’s the shot of the bigger one, which is only $89.99. In my opinion, the bigger one is waaaaaay cooler.


Aren’t these cool? They look like little lockers. I love them for kids’ storage. Only $99.99.


These chairs totally look like high-end chairs that I’ve seen sell for hundreds of dollars. These? $79.99 a pop.


Yup. And bread. Oh…and this print is a whopping $12.00.


Darling prints. I could see these in a playroom. So fun. These are also $12.00-for ALL THREE.

And now onto the kid stuff….






Brody LOVED getting into all the “big boy beds”. He was especially drawn to this one because the bedding was his favorite color-“yayow”.


The shoes came off.


And Zoe got to see what being on the top bunk would be like. She loved it. It was short lived, however, as apparently it’s against the rules to climb up top. So she got down, we waited until the meanies left, and she got back up. So there.

After walking through the entire store, having a bite to eat, playing in the kids area, and having ice cream, we left that day with a brand new bunk bed. However…..anyone who has ever bought furniture from there knows that not only does it come with names like Fjell, Ektorp, Lugnvik and Sniglar (love the Swedes), they come in 8, 000 pieces. Two days (and a ton of mess) later, we had this:


Brody’s transition from his crib was seamless, and Zoe mastered the ladder in about 5 minutes. It was great to see them so happy about their new bed. But for mommy, it was bittersweet. The same day the bed went up, I also took out the changing table mattress and a basket of cloth bibs. I rearranged the room, and although we all love it, it doesn’t look like a room that babies live in. It looks like a big kids’ room, and that is just something I am not yet ready to deal with. With “yayow” as a favorite color, I think I have a little time before I have to.


3 thoughts on “A trip to Ikea and a rite of passage

  1. Ali, as an owner of bunk beds…..they SUCK !!!! wait till you have to go up there and change the sheets ( you will wish you never got them) sorry to be a downer, but i’m just sayin’. ENJOY 🙂

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