my go-to playlist

In a little over 2 months, I have the biggest race of my life. It’s called the Toughman triathlon, and for me, it will be like climbing Mount Everest. I get a little sick to my stomach when I think about it, actually. So for the next couple months, I’ve got to train and train hard. One thing I rely heavily on at the gym (and even more so on a run) is my music. It’s such a great motivator. When I’m not feelin it, or when I’ve hit a wall and I feel like I can’t go on, the right song gets me moving. I have certain go-to songs that I love during a workout; none of them are really anything new and probably songs you’ve heard a million times before, but I thought it would be fun to share it. I always love hearing the music that other people work out to and love adding new songs to my list. I like songs with varying tempos, as I find that while doing things like running or spinning, I like to change the speeds up. I’m on my spin bike at the gym a lot. I don’t take classes anymore as they’re all in the evening and by then I just want a cocktail and my bed, but the bikes are always available. I love when I have the room to myself-just me and my bike. And my music. I like songs with a slower tempo for climbs, and faster ones for sprints. And the same thing for runs-I’ll speed up my pace every few miles, and when I’m tracking my run I like to see the different pace I had for each mile. And it’s all due to what song was on. Pretty fun, actually. Blah, blah, blah, here are the songs that I love to work out to:

Tell me, what are your go-to workout songs?


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