beginnings and endings

It is officially summer. I so love this time of year; the possibilities of the season seem endless. We are spending lots of time at the pool, taking long walks and bike rides nightly, and our beach vacation is right around the corner. I plan on taking lots of day trips to the beach, having cocktails on our porch with my love by candlelight, and snuggling up with my babies to watch fireworks. It’s the beginning of a magical time. However, this weekend also marked an ending for us. Our babysitter just moved to Florida. She had been with us since my son was only 3 months old-and he’s nearly 3 now.  It was an emotional goodbye, as she and my kids have really formed a very special bond. I know they don’t really understand the finality of it just yet, but I feel sad for them nonetheless. They adore her, and she adores them. You can find a babysitter anywhere; they’re a dime a dozen. But to find someone who loves your kids-truly loves your kids-well, that’s something special. She made the kids a very sentimental farewell gift-a homemade story book. One of the things she always did with them was to tell them fairy tales-some that were familiar,  and some that she made up. She wrote out all their favorite stories and drew pictures for all of them. (She also always draws with them.)  In the book, she also included a message for both the kids that was so sweet, it brought me to tears. It was one of the most sweet and thoughtful gifts I have ever seen and better than any store-bought gift she ever could have bought. Just precious. So that is where I find our family right now-at the end of something special, and at the beginning of a wonderful time.





Some moments from their last day together.




Some pages from the book she made.




On our nightly walk/bike ride.


And the end of a beautiful summer day. I’m looking forward to many, many more summer beginnings.


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