Back to reality

So, we’re back from our vacation. Every year, I’m excited yet hesitant about our trips. Historically, they’ve been a bit rough. There have been a lot of sleepless nights, tantrums, unfortunate swim diaper incidents and much, much more. But this year, we didn’t pack one bottle or diaper. Both of my kids have dropped their naps (which means no trips back to the house, but a mixed blessing), and both kids are out of cribs. So I was pretty excited. But still hesitant. However, this week turned out to be really, really nice. Every year, my family and I go to Long Beach Island, which is part of the Jersey Shore. I have been going there all my life, as has my mother. It makes me so happy to now bring my own children there. Despite the wonderful time had by all, it was hard not to notice how Hurricane Sandy affected the island. We saw many closed businesses, and the island almost seemed deserted compared to how it normally is. On the flip side, it was nice to see how LBI rebuilt and came back. As the saying around here goes, “We are stronger than the storm.” Seeing this rebuilt community made me proud to be a Jersey Girl.

We had a week full of beach time, ice cream, great food, rides for the kids, bike rides for all, and runs and long walks on the beach. Coming home sucked. Just really, really sucked. I always get a little down after coming home from vacation. And because of crappy planning, my husband and I had a triathlon planned for the following day. Although the race went great, we are nearly comatose right now and I’m really not even sure how I’m able to type at the moment.

I just wanted to share one of my favorite nights from our trip. We went onto the beach around sunset, which is actually my favorite time of day to be there. The sand is nice and cool and feels so good on your toes, the beach is deserted, and the light and colors are spectacular. There was a nice breeze going, so we took the kids down to fly kites. Try as we may, the kites didn’t stay up for too long, but the kids were thrilled. So naturally, so were we.










Batman and Barbie may not have had a lot of flight time, but it was  pretty fun while it lasted. But now, it’s back to reality. Sigh.


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