Your cashmere sweater needs you to read this.


At no point in my life have I ever thought that I’d be so excited about laundry products that I’d just have to tell people about them. Well, such is the case. I read about The Laundress in Domino magazine years ago (have I mentioned how much I miss that magazine?) and it has changed the way I think about and do laundry. Although initially this may seem like such a trivial matter, it really is, quite important! You spend time choosing what you wear. You spend lots of money on it. Shouldn’t you take care of it the best way you can? That’s what these products are-the best way to take care of your investment. The company was started by two women from the fashion industry who were looking for a better alternative to care for their clothing than chemical-laden dry cleaning. After doing much research, they discovered that 90% of what says ‘dry clean only’ can actually be machine washed. Major!  So they developed an eco-friendly line of products that will almost completely get rid of your need to ever to go to the dry cleaner. Like ever. And, in turn, save you money. Win-win! There is a product for nearly every type of clothing you own: cashmere, denim, bathing suits, baby clothes, gym clothes, wool, lights, darks, lingerie…you name it, they’ve got a product for it. They also have a line of cleaning products and tons of tips for laundry and cleaning on their website. And the scents. Are. Insane. They have different scents to choose from and they’re all divine and made from essential oils. No artificial fragrances here. Add lovely packaging and you’ve got the perfect product. How badly do you want to get your hands on this stuff?

Here are a few of my tried and true favorites:

Ahhhhhh, the Crease Release. I haaaaaaaaate ironing. Like really hate. Avoid at all costs. With this little bottle of pure gold, I’ve been able to cut it way down. (And I hand it off to my husband when it simply must be done.) A few sprays of this and your wrinkles magically disappear, leaving nothing but a lovely scent. If I’m traveling, this is one of the first things I pack.

The Delicate Wash. I let nothing else touch my pretty girlie what-nots. Nothing. (well, detergent-wise, anyway, *wink wink*) It has the “lady” scent, which is so, well, lady-like.

With the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo, your precious sweaters will never have to go to the nasty dry cleaners ever again. And they’ll be in better condition and last you longer. Seriously.

These are my baby essentials. The baby detergent has the lightest, sweetest smell and I use it on my own clothes as well. And anyone with children (or with a spilling issue, like myself) will love the wash and stain bar. I have one that lives in my diaper bag and it’s definitely spared a shirt or two (or ten) from being thrown in the trash.

Lastly, the Signature Detergent. It’s just the best all-around detergent I’ve ever used, hands down. I’m partial to the classic scent for this one-it’s just light and clean and my husband doesn’t complain that his clothes smell like a chick.

So maybe the next time you’re headed to the dry-cleaners, turn around, go to the bar instead, and order some of this stuff. Way more fun. On both counts.

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