A lady will always feel dressed a la mode, in frillies she finds in Portobello Road

Hi! So today, my beautiful cousin Mia is a guest blogger. She is honestly one of the most creative people I have ever met and my go-to person for cool music/art/pretty much anything. Mia recently got married and moved to London with her amazingly sweet husband and we all miss her dearly. But I jumped at the thought of having her do some blogging on here so I get to take a look at what her life is like over there. I have no doubt that you will love her, just as I do…..

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mia and I am the cousin (in-law) of the beautiful author of this blog. I currently live in North London with my Brit husband. While this is a beautiful city and I’m enjoying settling into married life, I miss my family and friends immensely. It’s been a lot harder dealing with the gap of sea that separates myself and everything that is familiar to me. But, Alison has been kind enough to let me post bits and pieces of my life to share with you as it makes me feel so much closer to home. Nice to meet you…and enjoy!


Now, let’s get into what this post is really about. Portobello Road.  I am a huge fan of flea markets, second hand shops, thrift stores, etc.  Basically, I love rummaging through junk.  Portobello Road is a two mile long street market that cuts through the neighborhood of Notting Hill in West London. For a first timer, this market can seem very overwhelming as it is major sensory overload. The moment you enter the market, you are suddenly surrounded by a mix of locals and tourists. The scent of crepes waft around as you’ll find crepe stands every two feet. The feeling of extreme excitement occurs (at least for me it does) when presented with an endless sight of street stalls selling everything and anything under the sun. Not only are there stalls set up, there are numerous antique shops, clothing and shoe stores, cafes, and pubs to enjoy whilst making your way down the market. On this particular day, my brother and sister in-law were in town from Wales. As the sun was out in full force (a very, very rare occurence in this part of the world) and we all fancied something low key and outdoors, we decided Portobello Road was the place to go.  Here are some tidbits from our lovely day…



I always pass by this shop on my way to Portobello Road and I always have to stop and admire the beautiful jewels on display.










Look for future posts from my amazing cousin from across the pond.