One of my favorite things to receive is a hand-written letter. Whenever I get the mail, I sift through what’s there, seeing what’s important and what’s not, and if ever I see an envelope that’s hand-written, I’m usually tearing it open before I reach my front door. In a day and age when communicating via email, texts, social media and the like are the norm, the letter has been all but forgotten about. Almost obsolete. Yet it is one of the most sincere and intimate forms of communication. It requires thought and effort. Anyone can pick up their smartphone and shoot a quick text/email. Yet those same exact words written on paper and sent in the mail took that person time. It was considered. Each word thought out. The stationery chosen. The address written. The stamp placed. And it is guaranteed to make the recipient feel appreciated. A few weeks back I got the most lovely letter from a friend. For no good reason at all, she sent me the most heartfelt sentiment and it really made my day. She wrote “Some days you just need a smile and a happy thought, so I’m sending you one in case today is that day for you.” (I haven’t told her I’d be quoting her-hope you don’t mind, R!!) The letter went on to say some of the most lovely things I’ve heard from a friend in a really long time. And what’s more, I know the effort and thought that went into that letter. She could have easily shot me a quick text, as we do with each other nearly every day, but this was different. Her gesture made me want to do the same. To reach out to friends ‘just because’. I have always kept pretty stationery on hand for just the occasion. Whenever I’m at a shop and I see lovely notecards, I pick them up. You never know when you’ll want to send a note to a friend, whether it’s to say thank you for cooking dinner, sorry about your dog, congratulations on your promotion…the occasions are endless. You just might be more inclined to send that special note if you have something pretty to write it on. Take a look and maybe you’ll find something you like. I know whomever is on the receiving end will like it too. Make someone’s day-they won’t forget it.

Images from my Pinterest.

Happy Easter and have a lovely weekend!!