Bedside manner

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know my family and I did. The weather was beautiful and we took full advantage of it. We spent most of the time walking around the streets of NYC and did one of our favorite things-got some food truck goodies and popped a squat on a cozy stoop and chowed down.  It was glorious. The little ones loved it too; they got plenty of yummy treats. They love the people (and my son the car, bus, motorcycle and anything that moves fast on wheels) watching and basically act as a traveling variety show. They sing, dance, bark, moo, nose pick, pantomime….you name it. Next time I really should put out a tip jar-I really think we could make some serious bank off those two.

But what I’m thinking about now is (wait for it………..) bedside tables. (Earth-shattering, isn’t it?) They are one of the first things you see when you wake up (as you are shutting off and cursing at your alarm clock), and one of the last things you see when you go to sleep (to set said hated alarm clock.) So shouldn’t those images be lovely ones?


Here’s a shot of my night stand. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, but I’m always tweaking things and the nightstand is no exception. But everything there is visually pleasing to me. I’m the furthest thing from a minimalist (I tend to live by the mantra ‘more is more’) so there’s usually no free space on that puppy. The lamp was a $20 find from Home Goods; that place is a gold mine and the subject of a future post. Books are always present, both ones I glance at from time to time for inspiration, and books I’m actually trying to read. But since that doesn’t happen very much these days, I mostly rearrange and dust them. Until very recently, Life of Pi was on there and had been sitting there so long, it was turned into a movie. (I bought the book when it first came out.) The book has since been moved to another location. Still haven’t read it. Damn. Maybe I’ll see the movie and say things like “the book was sooooo much better!!” afterwards and hope people believe that I read the book. Photographs are a must to me, and the most personal ones, I feel, should be in your bedroom. The above picture is my favorite from my wedding. A candle and some Burt’s Bees lip balm and that’s it.


Flowers and jewelry always find their way to my table. I always keep the pieces I’m wearing the most on a sweet little tray so that they are visible and easily reached. I keep all of my jewelry out on display in different ways. I love the sparkle and color that it can add. Lastly, what’s better than flowers? They make me so, so happy. I buy them almost every time I go to the supermarket (Whole Foods has a great floral selection) and they add an instant touch to any room. There were a ton of spider mums the last time I went shopping. So naturally, some came home with me. They’re sitting in a coffee creamer cup as my bud vases are M.I.A.

I’m always interested in how other people style their own bedside tables. I love these images and love to pull inspiration from them. I hope you find them inspiring, too.

I love that the simple styling of this night stand doesn’t take away from the beauty of the table itself. A lamp, some books and a pop of color with the pink flowers. Perfection.

Oh, oversized art, how I love thee. I have been trying to incorporate this look into my own room, but have yet to find the right piece. Not to mention how much I would love to have that amazing industrial table in my room.

A leaning ladder as a night stand; how creative is that? I love when designers think outside the box and bring something fresh and new to a room. I’d say this idea definitely does that.

Simple and sweet. I wonder if this person has Life of Pi in that pile, too?

I’m in love with the DIY art on this bedside table.

A tree log as a night stand? Yeah, that just happened.

I love using a desk or vanity as a bedside table. It’s especially a great idea if you need to save space and have the table serve more than one function. I’m also a sucker for any room that has the “For Like Ever” print. I have it in my living room. Some say it’s overexposed. I say those people suck. I also happen to think that gray and gold go together like peanut butter and jelly.

My personal favorite. Flowers, art, candles and Chanel. Boom.

Hoping this brought your Monday a little inspiration.