My dream home

I am obsessed with interior design. Truly. Some nights I can’t sleep because I’m designing spaces in my head. It’s not a passion that I’ve always had; it’s a rather new one, going back maybe 10 years. While I was still working as a nurse, I decided it was time to act on it and started taking classes at New York School of Interior Design. I had dreams of a career change and becoming a big shot interior designer. Well, of course, life never goes as planned. I had to change jobs due to a back injury, got married, was pregnant 5 minutes later, had a baby, got pregnant again….so design school got put on the back burner. And it’s still there. I talk about going back, but I’m not sure if it will ever fit in. And I’m ok with that. I go to design blogs, books and Pinterest to keep me inspired, and am so excited about moving to a new house because I’m dying to design it. I think about it all. the. time. So I thought it would be fun to make a “dream house”-to put together some of my favorite spaces as if I was actually designing a house. So if I got to do a house-top to bottom-it would look something like this:


Oh, how I love this house. I love how it’s almost weathered-looking.  I don’t like when things look too perfect. This house looks lived in; it has character. Won’t you come on in?


Welcome to our entryway. Isn’t it quirky? (Oh and please take your shoes off. Sorry, I see they’re really cute, but this is an Asian household.) The art over the console is by my favorite artist and I just love the combo of pink and black.

sitting room

And now come into out sitting room. It’s beautiful yet casual. My favorite thing about this room is the chandelier; I have been drooling over it for years. The walls are, of course, gray (my favorite) and I’m crazy about how the yellow bench pops against them.

spotted paper and bar cart

On the other side of the room is our bar cart. And spotted wallpaper. We are ready to entertain! Pour yourself a drink and let’s see the rest of the house.


Welcome to our kitchen! I had to put subway tiles somewhere in the house, as my husband is kinda obsessed with them. And I have to say, I  love the way they look, too, especially with that amazing floor.

kitchenhige frideg

I live for our fridge. And yes, it always looks that nice and clean. Always.

eating nook

Here is our eating area. We’ve since framed some of the kids’ art over the table. This is where they like to do their homework and where I have my morning coffee.

tv room

Come into our family room. I had always wanted a Moroccan rug like this, so imagine my surprise when my husband bought me one! This is where we all chill out and eat pizza on the floor while watching a movie on a Friday night.

guest bath

This is our downstairs bathroom. I have a total weakness for black walls, especially when they’re in a bathroom and covered with art. And the kilim rug in here is kinda perfect, no?

dining room

Ok, so since I took this picture of my dining room, I changed out the chairs for much more modern ones and also changed out the chandelier, but I’m so happy with the seating and the wallpaper. Gray and gold. Yup.

leopard stairs

Won’t you come upstairs on my leopard staircase? Jealous? (me too.)


Here is my son’s room. He loves, loves. loves animals and picked out the animal heads on the wall. He loves to lay on the cow hide rug and play with his toys.


And here is my little girl’s room. It doesn’t really show, but the wallpaper is a metallic gold floral; it’s amazing. My husband also bought her a Moroccan rug-aren’t we lucky? My daughter likes to keep her favorite dresses out on display on racks. Such a girl.

play room

Here is a wall in the kids’ playroom. They applied the triangles themselves. They did a freakishly good job.


Welcome to my little home office where yours truly gets all her work done. I will never get over my love of Ghost chairs. And I just think the photography is super cool.


And as they all say in MTV Cribs, here’s where all the magic happens. The master bedroom. I picked out everything here-except the bolster pillow. My husband bought that. I’m going to get rid of it when he’s not looking.

master bath

master bath

Master bathroom; what do you think? Kinda dark, kinda spa-like. I don’t care who you are, you’re gonna want to get in that tub.

outdoor movies

ourdoor table

outdoor table

And lastly, welcome to our back yard. It’s a bit overgrown-but charmingly so. On summer nights we like to snuggle together and watch movies outside and have dinner parties under twinkly lights. Also when my hubby and I want a date night but can’t get away, it’s all good…we have a special little table for two in our own backyard. We love to be outside as much as possible.

So that’s it, you’ve seen my house! And you now know what goes through my head at night.

Have a lovely weekend!!

Images from my Pinterest.