Fourth of July

I’m so excited for the Fourth of July. Since I was little, I have always gotten giddy as the fireworks show nears. I smile though the whole thing, and by the finale I’m practically laughing. I just love it. And although I definitely still get that way, I also look forward to entertaining. And while I don’t think that every single thing you put out on the Fourth needs to be red, white, and blue, I do think that some of it should be. There’s so much cute stuff out there, it’s easy to set a table/create a mood that is Fourth-ready. Here are some of my favorite Fourth of July things including straws, a tote, table runner, tablecloth and candles. But the best part? Sparklers! Who doesn’t love those? And the best part about these is that they can be used on top of a birthday cake or cupcake, too. I just ordered a few for my little ones, who both happen to have summer birthdays. (For their cakes, that is.) I Hope you all have a happy and healthy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July


Cocktail hour

I don’t know if it’s The Don Draper effect, or the effect of my children, but I’m really into the idea of a cocktail hour. Mind you, I don’t get to have one very often, (ok, like almost never) but I’m in love with the idea. (There’s just something about 2 screaming toddlers that makes me want to drink heavily. ) And it’s not the drinks of our college/post-college days. Gone are shots with names like woo woo, sex on the beach, and purple hooter. We’re grown-ups now, so we must drink accordingly. Enter martinis, gimlets and champagne. Same idea, but with a touch of (sometimes not…) class. All these grown-up drinks need a place, and there is no place more chic for them than a bar cart. I so love having all the bottles and glasses out on display as if you are ready to entertain at any moment.(But keep your Apple Pucker in a closet.)  I currently don’t have anywhere to put one, but as I am forever planning our next home, I have been scoping them out for quite some time. Bar carts feel so chic. So grown up. Walking into a home where one is out on display, it immediately tells you that the people there like to have a little fun. Or that they have kids and desperately require mass quantities of booze. Either works for me. Here are some of the images that I’ve been collecting for awhile now:


I’m really, really digging all of these. I really love the outdoor bar cart, too-with summer right around the corner, this could be put to immediate use. I think my favorite idea is having your cart stocked to make one signature cocktail-mine involves St. Germain. (Recipe to follow soon). Great for a party, or just to always have it ready when needed. Like immediately after bedtime. Or breakfast.


Images from my Pinterest.