lusting for fall…for less

So I know that we still have planty of summer left. Weeks, in fact.  I can’t stand when I see Halloween merchandise in stores when I’m still hanging at the beach. And don’t get me started on how ridiculously early Christmas stuff comes out. But I will say, that right about now, I start to get excited for fall. I’m not trying to rush things; I’m hanging onto every last summer minute, but I can’t help it. Fall lines have started to show up, and it’s hard not to get excited about all the wonderful things to come. There are always a few things that I’m coveting for a new season, and this upcoming one is no different. As usual, many of the things I lust after are unobtainable for me. Boo. So I included more reasonable options that are totally do-able. Here are a few things I’m loving.


This leather jacket by Annie Bing has had me drooling for quite some time. But at $999, I’m more likely to grow a third arm than be able to buy it. It’s just not happening. What I love about it is that it’s a little rock and roll, and a little lady like. The shoulder quilting is the perfect detail. And I can only imagine how buttery soft it is. Le sigh. Head over here to check it out: (and check out the rest of her line-it’s amazing)

However, there are some reasonable options out there. Here’s my favorite:

Oh hey, awesome Topshop jacket that looks just like the awesome Annie Bing. Ok, so it’s faux, but the design is fantastic. Buckles? Check. Zippers? Check. Quilting? Check. And for $85, it’s within reach for average gals like me. Available here:

Awhile back, I was seeing these great d’orsay flats everywhere. Every fashion blogger I follow had them, and I instantly wanted them. Here’s what they were wearing:


These flats are from Jenni Kayne. I’ve been a fan of hers for quite some time, and I would love to get my hands on these. They come in many different colors and materials, and each one is beautiful. However…..this particular pair is $595. Not gonna happen. My husband would lose it. But if you’re a lucky gal, you can find them here:


Zara to the rescue! Whenever I want a trendy item but don’t want to shell out the cash, I go to Zara. And they never disappoint. These d’orsay flats are PERFECT. And they’re $35.90. !! I tried them on in the store, and they’re just what I’ve been looking for. These will be my go-to shoe for fall. I think this shoe will be huge for fall. You heard it here first. (ok, not really….) Find them at:

This last lust/less duo may be the biggest one. Like ever. I am big fan of bags. I am, after all, a female. And when the Pashli came out, I joined millions of women around the world who shed some tears because we knew we’d never have it. (you think I’d be use to that feeling by now…) Here’s the 3.1 Philip Lim beauty:


Isn’t she a beauty? At $895, however, well, just, no. I have one “it” bag that I carry as much as humanly possible (it’s a DVF) and I’m pretty sure that’s my allotment. And I’ll probably be buried with it. But what I love about this bag is that it’s beautifully made, is versatile, and is a classic. I’ve picked it up a few times in the store and checked myself out in the mirror carrying it. And I might or might not have uttered “Daaaaamn I look good with this…” Find here:

Now hold onto your hats, here, because it’s Pashlis for everyone!!!!!


So this little nugget is a preview for the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target line. And do you see what’s front and center? It’s a mini Pashli. Guess how much. Go ahead. It’s $34.99. The problem is, unless you’re prepared to slap/bite/punch a few ladies to get your hands on it, this pic is probably the closest you’ll get. Unless you go to ebay the day after the collection launches and are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars. (That drives me crazy) I think I just might be willing to go to such measures. Don’t judge me, but I think I’m asking my sitter to come over on September 15 for a few hours so I can camp out and hopefully come home with one of these little gems. Did I mention it’s $34.99? Meet me at Target in September. I’ll be the one pulling someone’s hair. Don’t judge. Or get in my way.

3.1 Philip Lim for Target photo courtesy of


Please give me strength…

This time of year is really tough for me. There are end of season sales going on everywhere I look, and I lack the strength to resist. Every day my inbox is overflowing with sale notices. I even lack the strength to unsubscribe from those. What am I to do? Every year my husband gives me that look when the credit card statement comes in- and I truly am sorry. But I can’t seem to stop myself. I try, I really do. And there are certain sales that I just cannot resist. They’re just too good. I picked up a couple tops from JCrew and Madewell (two of my favs) that were so cheap, they were practically giving them away. I would have been a fool not to buy them. (When you get emails from JCrew and Madewell that say 40% off final sale items, you take a look. I’m no fool.) And now, two other places are having sales that are off. the. hook. Hello, Zara and Shopbop. (I can hear every man that follows this blog rolling their eyes and leaving this page now-except for my husband, who wants to know what I spent.) Nearly everything at Zara is on serious sale, both online and in-store, and I have browsed both. It’s insane how good it is. And Shopbop is offering an additional 25% off their sale items until tomorrow. I’ve already taken advantage of both. I picked up a pair of sneakers from Zara that I’ve been drooling over for months for $29.99 (normally $130). They’re pony hair leopard sneakers with spikes. Because what girl doesn’t need those in her closet? And I picked up a cute cover up/dress from Shopbop for $20. (was normally $75 and has since sold out.) But that hasn’t stopped me from continuously stopping by both places. I was in Zara tonight, and just actually left the Shopbop site. And with that, I just thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things that are out there right now.

Here are my Zara picks:

printed trouser with side stripe 29.99

I love me a funky trouser. This is the printed trouser with side stripe. $29.99

boho linen skirt 19.99

I really wish this fugly sweater wasn’t covering up this skirt, because it really is gorg. And would have come home with me tonight if they had sizes bigger than a 2. It’s the linen boho skirt and it’s $19.99.

leather effect horts 19.99

Leather effect shorts. $19.99. Bam.


These are my new loves and I got ’em for $29.99. Buy them so we can be twinsies.

And now over to Shopbop:


Free People Lacy Day Tank | SHOPBOP

Isn’t this the sweetest little summer tank? It would look so cute over a bandeau or bikini top. Love. $54.60 (And remember, if you buy today or tomorrow, take an additional 25% off.)


Tory Burch Multi Straw Tote | SHOPBOP

I do believe Tory Burch has perfected the beach tote. This one is $185.30.


Young Fabulous & Broke June Drizzle Stripe Maxi Dress | SHOPBOP

I really love Young Fabulous & Broke-their pieces are so cool and casual.  This maxi dress is just perfect. $117.00


Young Fabulous & Broke Montauk Maxi Dress | SHOPBOP

Another YF&B maxi. This one also comes in black. $165.60


Rachel Pally Preetma Maxi Dress | SHOPBOP

Rachel Pally is a go-to for beautiful, easy and timeless pieces. Her dresses flow so beautifully. One of my favorite dresses that I own is by her and I reach for it time and time again. You’re bound to love anything RP you buy, and with this sale, now is a good time to do so. This beautiful one is $93.60.


ONE by Marna Ro Shirred Waist Dress with Leather Bodice | SHOPBOP

I have to tell you, I really, really want this dress. I am so in love with the leather bodice. (and anything leather, really) This dress would get serious, serious rotation in my closet. $171.50


Diane von Furstenberg Lips iPhone 5 Case | SHOPBOP

How cute is this case? I’m a HUGE DVF fan, and a huge fan of her lips print that was everywhere the past couple seasons. It will look really great on your phone, too. $24.00


Dolce Vita Valentina Lace Dress | SHOPBOP

I think I love lace just as much as I love leather. This little white number is so, so sweet. And we all need a LWD in our closet. $137.50

Seriously, I could go on and on here. There are so many beautiful things to choose from. I just can’t stop looking. I think  may need some help.

Buy above items here:  Additional 25% off until 11:59 tomorrow with promo code SALE25. And here:

Happy shopping!

welcome, summer

So we have arrived at Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of the summer season. The weather here in New Jersey is looking pretty dismal, and although we won’t be able to hit the beach or pool, we still paln on going down the shore (that’s NJ speak for beach) to walk on the boardwalk, eat some really bad food (think pizza, ice cream and fried dough) and go on some rides. I’m really looking forward to it, and I just know my kids are going to have a blast.

With summer right around the corner, I put together a few beach essentials for both you and your kids. If you live in the northeast, you might not be able to put any of them to immediate use, but before you know it, your facebook news feed will be filled with people complaining about how hot it is. (the weather complainers bug me…)

First, for the ladies:

for you

Topshop high waisted bikini / Topshop underwire bikini / Topshop / Madewell sandals / J.Crew j crew tote bag / Pendant jewelry / Multi strand necklace / J.Crew palm leaf straw hat / Ava Tortie Shades / Fouta Beach Towel Midnight /

These a few of my favorite things for summer. I know I went on and on about one piece bathing suits, but then I came across this high-waisted bikini. It covers up my tummy funky bits and is really very flattering. It also comes in pink and red. The tan towels are a must for me in the warmer months, as my pasty ass burns after being in the sun for 15 minutes, so I bathe in SPF 5000. But I don’t like to look like Casper the ghost either, and Tan Towels give me the perfect glow. Also pictured are my latest sunnies from Anthropologie-I’m obsessed with them. And I looooove Turkish towels for the beach. They are incredibly cozy and chic at the same time. The cover up and necklaces allow you to go from the beach out to a restaurant, and the sandals, hat and bag are my summer staples.

And now, for the kiddos:

for them

Dripstik Ice Cream and Popsicle Holder Various Colors, Red / Old Navy Hibiscus Print Swim Trunks For Baby / Old Navy Reversible Canvas Sun Hats For Baby / Pink/Green Butterfly Beach Towel / Old Navy Sueded Cork Sandals For Baby / Gap Scalloped Trim Straw Hat / Lobster Beach Towel / Gap Piped Two Piece / Gap Embellished Flower Jelly Sandals / Jason Mineral Natural Sunblock SPF 30, 4 Ounce

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve really tried to switch over a lot of our health products to organic/natural/a little less full of chemicals and crap. An easy switch out was sunscreen. Most of them are loaded with a zillion chemicals. I like the Jason line quite a bit. Chemical-free sunscreens tend to be a bit thick, but worth it. And I must mention my favorite thing here-it’s those funny looking things in the middle. They’re called Dripstiks. I noticed a family at the beach last summer using these, and had to approach the mother and ask about them. They’re ice cream/popsicle holders. One side holds a popsicle stick and the other a cone-and all the drippage goes into the dripstik and not all over your little one’s hands. It’s just brilliant. Do yourself a favor and go pick some up. Like now. And of course a couple cute little bathing suits, sun hats, sandals  and PBK beach towels. My daughter insisted on getting a new “pikini” this summer, so of course I obliged.

So there you have it. I hope you all have a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy every last minute!!

the drop off

If you are anything like me, your mornings with kids are nuts. Rarely does a day ever go smoothly. Usually, someone has overslept, my son has a major diaper situation as soon as we’re ready to walk out the door, a potty trip goes awry (usually requiring an outfit change), I spill coffee all down my shirt (if I’m lucky enough to get a cup), my son can’t find his shoe/sock/blanket/Lightning McQueen/sippy cup…… Whatever can go wrong, always does. So a bit of planning is required. I’ve found that laying out everyone’s clothes the night before, including my own, saves me a ton of time in the morning. But what is also does is guarantee that I won’t spend the day in sweatpants and a baseball cap. When I do that, I feel  like it sets the tone for the day-and that day inevitably turns out to be crap. Kinda the same way I feel if I don’t make my bed. If I start the morning off right (a relative term, I realize), the day seems to go right. I feel put together. And it doesn’t take much-a cute tee and jeans with some great flats will do it. Between that and a made bed, I can conquer all the crap my day has to offer. You will always take the time to make sure your kids are taken care of before you leave the house and that they look presentable. It only takes a few extra minutes to do the same for yourself. Here are a few simple and easy pieces to make your morning drop off a little more presentable.

the drop off

Madewell dress / Forever 21 / Forever 21 / Madewell / Gap t shirt / J.Crew j crew jeans / Zara patching jeans / Jack Purcell sneaker / Madewell shoes / Zara mini tote / Madewell messenger bag / J.Crew j crew / J.Crew sunglasses
Here’s hoping all your Monday mornings go smoothly.

My one piece bathing suit kicks your bikini’s ass

There are so many things that no one tells you about being pregnant/having a baby/life after baby. No one tells you that you will hardly sleep after being about 7 months pregnant because your lungs and your stomach are basically in your throat and your back feels like someone is actively pouring acid on it. No one tells you that while you are delivering your baby that things will come out of you that one should never, ever have to see. (My poor husband.) No one tells you that even after having your baby, you will still look 6 months pregnant. After my daughter was born, I had a woman ask me “When are you due?” To which I replied, “I already had my baby. A month ago.” And no one tells you, that even after a couple years have passed, your body may still not be the same. May NEVER be the same. Scratch that-WILL NOT be the same. I’ve come to terms with that. Things are wider. Lumpier. My jeans don’t look the same on me, and bikinis are out of the question. My stomach has come a long way (I gained weight the equivalent of a Backstreet Boy while pregnant), but my belly button… scary. It looks like it got caught in the middle of 2 lions fighting over a piece of meat. It’s just wrong. And sad looking. And must be covered up at all times. With spring here and summer right around the corner, I have bathing suits on my mind. But not just any suit. Things must be strategically covered up so that they don’t look like I’m trying to cover them up. Like I want to wear this one piece over the gorgeous bikini I have at home that I only got to wear once. But luckily, one-piece bathing suits have had a resurgence of sorts. I’ve so been digging them and I actually think I’d be wearing them even without the unfortunate belly button situation. So moms with funky stomachs and anyone else who isn’t comfortatble putting it all out there, rejoice! You can wear bathing suits that still flatter you and make you look your best. The one-piece is back, baby. Check these out:

I love all three of these suits from Anthropologie and I’m deciding on which I’d like to buy. I love the color blocking of the first two, but the black one with the keyhole is so va-va-voom! Can’t go wrong with any of these. And you won’t miss your bikini. Find these at

JCrew probably has the best swimsuits around, in my opinion. The ones I have are beautiful, flattering, and well-made. They have ruching in all the right places and every time I’m wearing one, I’m not worried about what’s flapping or bouncing around. Because it’s all locked in tight like a sausage. (But not in a bad way.) They make you look your best. And they’re classic. Buy at:

Oh hi, Hotty McYouarehot. I can totally see Beyonce wearing this on her yacht while hangin with Jay Z and Blue Ivy. And me. I’m definitely there too. Available at

I’ve had my eye on this Zinke number for two seasons now. I look at it often and think I just need to take the plunge and buy it. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a removable peplum? Go now to:

I have a slight obsession with Mara Hoffman and this suit is no exception. Her prints are vibrant and graphic and just basically amazing. Buy at:

I think red and pink are my favorite color blocked colors, so naturally this suit must be mine. Join me at:

So with all these amazing options, still think you’re missing out on the whole bikini thing? Yeah, me neither.

Have a great weekend! x

Spring has sprung……sort of.

If you live in the northeast, then surely by now you’re among the millions who have put a hit out on Puxatawney Phil’s head. That dimwit could not have been more wrong and clearly needs an ass beating.  Many of us had snowy and icy conditions over the last couple of days and I, for one, am over it. Although the calendar says spring, it doesn’t feel anything like it, so I thought I’d give you some images that may help get you in the mood.

Happy spring!

Images from my Pinterest.

Kickin it

I remember the outfit like it was yesterday. It was 6th grade. Ethel K. Fyle Elementary. Stonewashed jeans. Neon sweatshirt. White lace fingerless gloves. Black rubber bracelets half way up to my elbow. Studded belt. And white Nike high-top sneakers. I remember putting that (God-awful) outfit together and thinking it was not complete without the Nikes. They were so cool and I loved loved loved them. (and Cyndi Lauper.) But since then, my love for sneakers had all but gone away. I still wore them, of course, to go to the gym. But that was about it. That is, until now. Or, I should say, until I saw these:

Sincerely, Jules.

Sincerely, Jules.

A fashion-y sneaker? Too good to be true! Those beautiful wedge sneakers are by Isabel Marant. Those babies reignited my love for sneakers, both wedge and non-wedge. However, with a price tag of nearly $600, preschool payments and dance school tuition, Isabel would not be coming home with me. Alas, other designers started making similar-and less expensive-styles for all of us drooling onto our laptops. Not only that, they made sneakers cool again-for girls! For the guys, sneakers have always been a staple in their wardrobe and there’s always been many stylish options, but for us gals, they were confined mostly to the gym. Now that’s all changed. With all of these cool new options out there, your gym shoes can just be that. GYM shoes. Leave ’em there and try out one of these pairs of cool kicks instead.

In my search for sneakers that would remind me of my beloved Marants, I came across (and bought) these:

Pretty close, right? I normally shy away from anything that’s too close to the original for fear of wearing something that looks like a knock-off, but in this case I didn’t care. And at $149 (and I had a coupon at the time), it’s much easier to swallow. Let me tell you, I wear these ALL THE TIME. Love to the hundredth degree. Now that I had my new kicks, I wanted more. Like these:


These Nikes are on my wish list for sure. They’re high tops, but they are also feminine, sweet and funky. I’m thinking denim cut- offs, cute tee and a fedora. I feel like I’ve come full circle to 6th grade again. Minus the braces and the get up like I walked off the set of Madonna’s Lucky Star video.


Lusting after these as well. The colors are kinda major, no?


And for those of you who think you can’t live without your stilettos-now you can have both.


How sweet are these floral numbers? These Keds (remember having the white ones with the blue tag at the back?) are from a collaboration done with Madewell. They’re actually in my online Madewell shopping bag. (along with a few other things). The check-out button is calling me…….

My love for sneakers doesn’t end with high tops; I’ve also rediscovered an old favorite. If you’re not familiar with Supergas, they’re great. They started off as being a cheap pair of shoes that were meant for average, ordinary people in Italy. Which is the reason for it’s tagline – People’s shoe of Italy. But then it became popular, and evolved to become a famous brand internationally. They’re well-made, comfy and cute. I actually found out about them while searching for sneakers for my daughter, which brings me to the kids!! Kids have not been left out of the sneaker trend. Cool and funky pairs for the little ones have been popping up all over the place. Both my tots are rocking their cool kicks and they both love them. Here’s a few of my favorites:


These were the ones my daughter had. She’s since grown out of them. I plan on buying her another pair when she grows out of her Chuck Taylors. She really loved these and so did I.

I mean, do I really have to say anything about these? I’m getting out my credit card as we speak. Don’t tell my husband.

These scream for my daughter. They’re so her. I’m just loving that the little girls finally have cool sneakers-just like their mommies.

I kid you not, I had these in my hand at Zara the other day-and then my husband walked in. He’s such a shopping buzz kill. Needless to say, these are beyond and your daughter probably wants you to buy her these.

And for the boys…I give you these. My son isn’t big enough for these yet, but rest assured, when he is, he’ll be wearing these.

For your little stud in the making.

Color blocked high tops. Yup.

So there it is. I may have come a long way since Ethel K. Fyle, but apparently I’m still wearing the same shoes.