flowers and popsicles

I’m struggling this week. Getting back to normal after vacation is difficult. I can’t seem to catch up on cleaning. I haven’t really cooked much this week and I just finally got back to the gym today. It’s not like I flew to Europe and have major jet lag. I’m just being lazy and want to be sitting on the beach, and not doing that every day just plain sucks. Sigh.

I did do a couple cool things this week. Sort of. Well, I did a couple things. I finally made one of the 3,000 recipes I have pinned on my Pinterest account. (I always pin these awesome looking recipes thinking “I’ll totally make that”, only to never, ever do it.) But I didn’t set my goal too high-I made popsicles. They’re something I thought my kids would love, so we went out and bought the popsicle molds and all the fixins. They were so excited and the chant of “posicles!!! popsicles!!” went on all day. However, I had forgotten that a blade from my blender had broken, and I don’t own a food processor (gasp!), and the popsicles called for pureed fruit. So….first I tried doing it with a hand mixer. Ever do that? Well, don’t. Fruit basically flew everywhere, all over me, and both kids. The option I had left was to hand mash all the fruit. That’s 2 cups of blueberries and 2 cups of strawberries. Not fun. Not fun at all. But whatever, they came out cute and here’s the results:





That happy face is because I told the kids they could have popsicles for breakfast. They weren’t ready until this morning, and there’s only strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and honey in them, so totally appropriate, I thought. And fun. But after only 3 licks, Brody decided he didn’t like them. Zoe took about 7. Fail. Well, I liked them. You can find the recipe here:

One of the first things I did this week was to make a beautiful flower arrangement. When I’m kinda feeling like I’m in a funk, I like to buy flowers. They just make me happy. So I bought some mums, hydrangeas, and lilies, all in white. I usually cut the stems down pretty short and make several short arrangements, but this time I wanted to make one tall one. DSC_0289




I love that my daughter has taken such a liking to flowers. She always asks to have some put in her room, which I think is so sweet. She can also identify many different types. (Much like my son can do with cars. So funny.) I really wish I knew what I was doing when it comes to arranging flowers. I’ve read a few little things, but would love to get really good at it. I’ve been considering taking a class at some point with all the free time I have. (Please note sarcasm.) I just found this one and love the idea of doing it from home:

Other than that, the kids and I went to the movies, went swimming, and did lots of little things. This weekend is my daughter’s 4th birthday, and it’s the first year when she’s had a real wish list. And it all involves princesses. So I’m up to my eyeballs in princesses. I’m really looking forward to it and cannot wait to see how much she likes everything we have planed.

Until Monday!!


favorite things

For my favorite things today, I looked no further than my own home. I’ve mentioned before that I think it’s so important to fill your home with things that make you happy, whether it’s a framed piece of your kids’ art or a ticket stub from your favorite concert or a delicious candle. Your home is your sanctuary. Here’s just a few of the little things (and one not so little) that have made me smile today:


My daughter and I went to the mall the other day and we came across this little Eiffel Tower ring dish in Anthropologie. She immediately picked it up and announced loudly, “Eiffel Tower!!!! Eiffel Tower!!!” So the Eiffel Tower dish came home with us and is currently housing her little hair clips. It’s adorable and made her so happy. How could I not pick it up?


This is my little cross-body bag from Madewell and my current favorite sunglasses. The bag was a Mother’s Day gift to myself; as unromantic as it is, my husband and I often buy ourselves what we really want for special occasions and pass it off as a “gift”. Kinda sucky, I guess, but at least we both get something we really want. A week before Mother’s Day I went out shopping and came home and told my husband, “You got me my Mother’s Day gift.” Most of my bags are ginormous, so having a little one is actually pretty nice. The sunnies are from Anthropologie.


The same day I got Zoe her Eiffel Tower dish, I also picked up this sweet coral salt cellar. It’s perfect when you just need a pinch of salt, and it’s just so cute.


Oh, how fresh flowers make me happy, I can’t even explain. There’s just something about them. Today, I was thrilled when my local Whole Foods had a ton of gorgeous peonies. Peonies are my absolute favorite-they look equally beautiful when they’re closed up and fully opened. I also picked up a bunch of white hydrangeas, which I also adore-they’re so big and full and you only need a few to make a full looking bouquet. My table is so pretty right now.


This is my latest score from Bauble Bar. I love a good statement necklace, and this one more than makes a statement. It’s pretty in-your-face. I love wearing it with simple pieces like a solid dress or tee. It gives any outfit just a little bit of edge and I’m obsessed with it right now.


And my most favorite thing of all today: solo time with each of my kiddos. I love being with both of my little ones, but it’s really nice spending one-on-one time with them too. When my daughter is at preschool, I get that time with my son. Those 2 1/2 hours are all about him and what he wants to do. It’s usually spent on the floor playing with cars, trucks, superheroes and dinosaurs. I cherish every second of it. I get my time with my daughter when Brody takes a nap, and that time is usually spent watching a Tinkerbell movie and doing arts and crafts. It’s so fascinating just how different these two are.

So that’s just a little bit of what’s made me smile today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do plenty of smiling of your own.

Will someone please buy me one of these?

Dressing for spring is tricky. In the mornings you can almost see your breath, so you pile on the layers or a heavy coat, only to be sweating your ass off 3 hours later. It’s hard to know how to dress. I always feel like the worst parent ever when I send my daughter to school in shorts and sandals because after checking Weather Bug ten times on my iphone, it says it will be 78 degrees, only to get outside and see it’s only like 40. And because we’re running late like pretty much every day, there’s no time to change. Thankfully, it’s a short drive to school and my car heats up fast. Oops.

For me, the best solution to this is light layering. A tee under a light sweater under a denim or light jacket does the trick. But sometimes I want to zhush up the layers, and right now I’m really coveting floral blazers. They feel so right now, so fresh. I know floral is a very obvious and literal print to choose for spring, but it always feels right. And in a blazer? So right. I love them with jeans and a tee, with shorts to make a suit, or over a dress. It ups the ante on any outfit. But I think my favorite effect is mixing it with another print-especially stripes. A striped tee, floral blazer and jeans is as perfect as it gets for me right now. And the cool thing is, the floral blazer comes in every price point. Everyone from Forever 21 to Stella McCartney is whipping them out, so for as little as $30, you can welcome one of these beauties into your closet. I have had my eye on one particular one for a couple months now. What’s your favorite?

Stella McCartney $1855

Stella McCartney, $1855,

136 Topshop

Topshop, $136.00

f21 32.80

Forever 21, $32.80

Pencey Shopbop 363

Pencey, $363

zara 99.90

Zara, $99.90

248.00 Shopbop Ella Moss

Ella Moss, $248

Ella MOss 159.60

Ella Moss, $159.60

Still not a believer? Well then here’s a few styled looks that might change your mind:

Images from my Pinterest.

See what I mean about the stripes and floral mix? Love. So like I said, will someone please buy me one of these?

The Gap is rocking my world.

Ok, so our weekend kicked my ass. I’m done. Nearly comatose. Between dance class, a birthday party and a barbecue, I’m lucky I’m even able to sit upright. As we speak I’m pretty sure I’m drooling into my coffee. It was fun and all, don’t get me wrong, but I’m done. But I just can’t retire to the couch for Game Of Thrones (anyone else obsessed?) without getting just a little something in for Monday. Yesterday at a birthday party, a friend of mine was wearing the most kick-ass gorgeous pants-and I found out she got them at The Gap. Normally, I’d have been shocked; but has anyone else noticed how incredibly awesome The Gap has become? I think everyone I’ve ever met has shopped there at some point. I know that in junior high I probably thought it was as good as couture-that pair of pea-green acid-washed jeans I had were nothing short of perfection. But after buying my clothes there for most of my teenage years, I pretty much forgot about it. That is, until recently. Some stores go through periods of awesomeness-they get different buyers, etc.. And now is The Gap’s time. It has become one of my go-to places for printed pants, shorts, and basic tees. Not to mention, they’ve come out with some great shoes and bags. The Gap is cool again, peeps. If you haven’t checked it out recently, I highly recommend it. It’s casual chic with a great price tag. Your closet (and your wallet) will thank you.

Here’s what I’m currently coveting:

All looks available at:

I’m really, really digging these looks for spring. The prints and colors are so vibrant! I have a pair of pants on order and can’t wait to get my hands on them. You just can’t go wrong with a beautiful floral.

Happy Monday!!

Spring has sprung……sort of.

If you live in the northeast, then surely by now you’re among the millions who have put a hit out on Puxatawney Phil’s head. That dimwit could not have been more wrong and clearly needs an ass beating.  Many of us had snowy and icy conditions over the last couple of days and I, for one, am over it. Although the calendar says spring, it doesn’t feel anything like it, so I thought I’d give you some images that may help get you in the mood.

Happy spring!

Images from my Pinterest.