Art is my homeboy.

Wild Herringbone – Colorful Abstract Geometric Art.

I truly love art.  Being around it makes me happy. I’ve started a collection in my home and every time I look at the pieces I smile. Isn’t that what art should do, after all? And I didn’t spend a lot of money on the pieces, either. It’s not like I was bidding on Picassos at Christie’s. I have found some great sites that offer amazing pieces and are totally affordable. Here are my favorites:

1. Cozamia. This site contains the works of artist Nancy Ramirez, who combines abstract art with manipulated digital photography. Her art is bright, colorful with just the right amount of edge. And with pieces that start around $45, it’s reasonable.  I have 2 of Nancy’s pieces and they literally make me smile when I look at them. The above ‘Wild Herringbone’ is in my dining room.

2. 20×200. This site is like a huge art warehouse; there is something for everyone.  It’s mostly comprised of new up and coming artists. And with prints starting at $20, there’s no excuse to not start your collection Like now. Go.  http://www.20× (At the time of this post this site was under construction.)

3. Etsy. What doesn’t Etsy have? The answer is nothing. (Looking for a troll doll from the 70s? Some weirdo on etsy probably has one.) This site is made up of vendors who sell all handmade or vintage wares. And it’s an amazing source for art. But it you’re new to it, it can seem overwhelming. It can also seem like walking into T.J. Maxx;  you gotta wade through a lot of crap to get to the good stuff. But it’s there. Here are my favorite pieces from my favorite etsy artists: (prices range from $25-$200)

Paris photography Hot air balloons over by EyePoetryPhotography.

Print of Watercolor Painting fashion by silverridgestudio on Etsy.

Draw the Line Fashion Illustration Art Print by LeighViner.

4. Alyson Fox. I came across this artist in Domino magazine (when it was regularly published). In it I saw one of her pieces that I fell so instantly in love with, I immediately contacted the artist and requested it. Thankfully, back then she was relatively new on the scene, so it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I’ve since purchased more art from her for both for myself and as a gift for a family member.  She remains one of my favorites. Starting at around $40, you can buy her work here:

Ill Seen, Ill Said: February 2009.

5. Yellow Korner. With a location in NJ and NYC and an online store, Yellow Korner is very accessible. It’s like a photography superstore. The photographs are beautiful and of high quality and prices start around $100.

Yellow Korner : Photograph : No Refunds – Formento – Formento.

See? Even if you’re a broke student living on ramen noodles and Tang (that totally dated me), or living at home, there’s no reason you can’t pretty up those walls. But you don’t have to buy art-you can always make it. Take your favorite piece of fabric and frame it. Bam. Art. You could also frame a pretty piece of wallpaper, a napkin with a great print. Quite literally anything can be art. Whatever makes you happy. Because isn’t that what art should do, after all?