Kickin it

I remember the outfit like it was yesterday. It was 6th grade. Ethel K. Fyle Elementary. Stonewashed jeans. Neon sweatshirt. White lace fingerless gloves. Black rubber bracelets half way up to my elbow. Studded belt. And white Nike high-top sneakers. I remember putting that (God-awful) outfit together and thinking it was not complete without the Nikes. They were so cool and I loved loved loved them. (and Cyndi Lauper.) But since then, my love for sneakers had all but gone away. I still wore them, of course, to go to the gym. But that was about it. That is, until now. Or, I should say, until I saw these:

Sincerely, Jules.

Sincerely, Jules.

A fashion-y sneaker? Too good to be true! Those beautiful wedge sneakers are by Isabel Marant. Those babies reignited my love for sneakers, both wedge and non-wedge. However, with a price tag of nearly $600, preschool payments and dance school tuition, Isabel would not be coming home with me. Alas, other designers started making similar-and less expensive-styles for all of us drooling onto our laptops. Not only that, they made sneakers cool again-for girls! For the guys, sneakers have always been a staple in their wardrobe and there’s always been many stylish options, but for us gals, they were confined mostly to the gym. Now that’s all changed. With all of these cool new options out there, your gym shoes can just be that. GYM shoes. Leave ’em there and try out one of these pairs of cool kicks instead.

In my search for sneakers that would remind me of my beloved Marants, I came across (and bought) these:

Pretty close, right? I normally shy away from anything that’s too close to the original for fear of wearing something that looks like a knock-off, but in this case I didn’t care. And at $149 (and I had a coupon at the time), it’s much easier to swallow. Let me tell you, I wear these ALL THE TIME. Love to the hundredth degree. Now that I had my new kicks, I wanted more. Like these:


These Nikes are on my wish list for sure. They’re high tops, but they are also feminine, sweet and funky. I’m thinking denim cut- offs, cute tee and a fedora. I feel like I’ve come full circle to 6th grade again. Minus the braces and the get up like I walked off the set of Madonna’s Lucky Star video.


Lusting after these as well. The colors are kinda major, no?


And for those of you who think you can’t live without your stilettos-now you can have both.


How sweet are these floral numbers? These Keds (remember having the white ones with the blue tag at the back?) are from a collaboration done with Madewell. They’re actually in my online Madewell shopping bag. (along with a few other things). The check-out button is calling me…….

My love for sneakers doesn’t end with high tops; I’ve also rediscovered an old favorite. If you’re not familiar with Supergas, they’re great. They started off as being a cheap pair of shoes that were meant for average, ordinary people in Italy. Which is the reason for it’s tagline – People’s shoe of Italy. But then it became popular, and evolved to become a famous brand internationally. They’re well-made, comfy and cute. I actually found out about them while searching for sneakers for my daughter, which brings me to the kids!! Kids have not been left out of the sneaker trend. Cool and funky pairs for the little ones have been popping up all over the place. Both my tots are rocking their cool kicks and they both love them. Here’s a few of my favorites:


These were the ones my daughter had. She’s since grown out of them. I plan on buying her another pair when she grows out of her Chuck Taylors. She really loved these and so did I.

I mean, do I really have to say anything about these? I’m getting out my credit card as we speak. Don’t tell my husband.

These scream for my daughter. They’re so her. I’m just loving that the little girls finally have cool sneakers-just like their mommies.

I kid you not, I had these in my hand at Zara the other day-and then my husband walked in. He’s such a shopping buzz kill. Needless to say, these are beyond and your daughter probably wants you to buy her these.

And for the boys…I give you these. My son isn’t big enough for these yet, but rest assured, when he is, he’ll be wearing these.

For your little stud in the making.

Color blocked high tops. Yup.

So there it is. I may have come a long way since Ethel K. Fyle, but apparently I’m still wearing the same shoes.