summer sandals

With summer fast approaching, I’ve been taking inventory of my shoes. Specifically, my sandals. I like to try to get at least one new pair each summer, and I just wanted to share with you some of my favorites and what I’ve got my eye on right now.

sumer sandals

Marc by Marc Jacobs retro high heels / Elizabeth and James high heels / Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent t-strap shoes / Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent leather sandals / Rachel Zoe / Madewell / Tory Burch espadrille / Fitness shoes / Zara studded shoes / Zara leather sandals / ASOS wide sandals / Zara leather sandals
I’m definitely feeling metallics. I don’t own a metallic sandal, and I think it’s a great way to stay neutral yet it also adds a little pizazz. And I definitely love some embellishment. I try to keep my rubber flip flops for the beach and pool and with beauties like these, I have no excuse not to. I have a few go-to pairs of sandals that get me through the whole summer. (But I’m always adding…) Which ones are your favorite?
Enjoy the weekend!!!

Favorite things

I thought I’d give my favorite things post another go. The list just keeps getting longer and longer and quite honestly I think I could do this post every day and not repeat an item. (Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?) Not to mention I find this one really fun to do. Today’s favorite things are all over the map, but I had to start with shoes:

These lovely numbers from Zara combine two of my favorite things: sneakers and leopard. I’ve put together so many outfits around them-in my head. The only problem with them? I don’t own them yet.

Mast Brothers Chocolate has quickly become one of my very favorite things of all. The company was founded by two brothers who have a deep passion for chocolate-and it truly shows. They have a factory/tasting room in Brooklyn, but you can also buy the bars online from them or a number of other retailers. I was lucky enough to find them at my local Whole Foods. With flavors like Vanilla and Smoke, Serrano Chili, Black Truffle, Sea Salt and their special Brooklyn Blend, their bars are like no other. My personal flavor is the Coffee. It’s crazy good. The texture is a bit different, however-a bit grainy-which I actually like, but my husband doesn’t. More for me. And the packaging it comes in is the prettiest I’ve ever seen-it’s almost too pretty to open. Almost.

Meet my jewelry staple. It’s the Three Spikes necklace from Alimonada. Alimonada is another Brooklyn-based business that has become my favorite go-to source for really cool and really inexpensive jewelry. I love every piece they make, but this necklace is my fav. It really goes with everything and makes everything just a little bit cooler. Oh and did I mention it’s only $26.90?

I’ve been wanting some major art over my bedside table but couldn’t find the right piece-until I came across this. It’s a fashion illustration called “Cricket” by Leigh Viner. (I’ve mentioned her before. She’s incredible.) I want to super-size this for a major effect and I’m really excited to get on it. I’ll share when it’s purchased and hanging.

One of my favorite times of day is after the kids have gone to bed and my husband and I get to cuddle up on the couch and watch all the DVR’d shows that we haven’t been able to watch because all we’ve been watching is Dinosaur Train and Peppa Pig. (Who I’m not opposed to-she’s actually quite polite unlike that ahole Sponge Bob.) And we always cuddle under a blanket. In the colder months, that blanket is a heavy faux fur one-it’s so soft and divine. In the warmer months, I switch it out for a lighter one that I got at West Elm. I had it monogrammed, which really made it ours. West Elm has such great pillows and throws, and they go on sale all the time. Go get your cuddle on.

I love me some Kiehl’s. Do they make anything that isn’t awesome? My daughter’s skin is super sensitive and she gets these really dry and itchy patches on her butt and face (yes, butt and face) and though it’s not quite eczema, it’s not pretty. I’ve tried a bunch of different lotions, but this is my favorite. It’s rich but also light and just perfect.

Can someone please explain to me how little boys can have such stinky feet? I mean, seriously? After a long day, my 2 1/2 year old son’s feet smell like a steak that’s been sitting out in the sun for a week. I don’t get it! So in the summer months, I try to air out his feet as much as possible. Last summer I discovered Natives. If a Croc and a Chuck Taylor had a baby, it would be this. It has the anti-stink holes of the Crocs and the cuteness of a Converse sneaker. Adorable. Now my little guy’s feet can be dealt with without a gas mask. Best. Shoe. Ever.

If I didn’t have regular trips to the salon, I would start to look a bit like Helen Mirren. I’ve had a few gray hairs since my late 20s, but after 2 kids, it’s not just a few-it’s a shit load. I find that my blonde highlights mask them a bit and buy me a bit more time in between visits. But I swim quite a bit, and chlorine is deadly for highlights, so I need to protect them. I use Kerastasse Aqua Seal every time before I get in the pool (or beach or anywhere I’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun). It protects from UV and chlorine and it has kept my hair from going full-on green ‘fro. At $40 a bottle, it’s pricey, but you know what’s more pricey? Having to go back to the salon for all new highlights.

Ah, springtime. When your nasty toes that have been cooped up in thick socks and boots all winter long are finally let out. When you can get out your sandals, peep-toes and flip flops…but you better not until you’ve had those things properly cleaned up. (In the winter months I’m more a DIY pedicure kinda gal-I refuse to get a professional pedi and either a: put my shoes back on and wreck it or b: wear flip flops in 20 degree weather. No thanks.) Essie’s Watermelon has been one of my favorite spring/summer colors for awhile now. It’s not too much of a departure my my beloved red and it’s just the right amount of pink. I just put in on my toes last night and I promise to get it professionally done before I break out my sandals.

This is Parisian Chic: A Style Guide. You know how French women have that certain something, that ‘je ne sais quoi”? (Also known as how the hell do you eat nothing but cheese and bread and not weigh a thousand pounds?) Well, this book tells you to how to get it too. It gives the style tips of the oh-so-chic French women and is such an enjoyable read. It also tells  you all the great must visit spots in Paris-shops, restaurants, museums, nail salons…everything. This sits on my night stand and I never tire of it. Because I’m prepping for my trip to Paris. (ok not really….)

That’s a wrap. I hope you liked a thing or two (or ten), and I hope you all have really wonderful weekends.

Kickin it

I remember the outfit like it was yesterday. It was 6th grade. Ethel K. Fyle Elementary. Stonewashed jeans. Neon sweatshirt. White lace fingerless gloves. Black rubber bracelets half way up to my elbow. Studded belt. And white Nike high-top sneakers. I remember putting that (God-awful) outfit together and thinking it was not complete without the Nikes. They were so cool and I loved loved loved them. (and Cyndi Lauper.) But since then, my love for sneakers had all but gone away. I still wore them, of course, to go to the gym. But that was about it. That is, until now. Or, I should say, until I saw these:

Sincerely, Jules.

Sincerely, Jules.

A fashion-y sneaker? Too good to be true! Those beautiful wedge sneakers are by Isabel Marant. Those babies reignited my love for sneakers, both wedge and non-wedge. However, with a price tag of nearly $600, preschool payments and dance school tuition, Isabel would not be coming home with me. Alas, other designers started making similar-and less expensive-styles for all of us drooling onto our laptops. Not only that, they made sneakers cool again-for girls! For the guys, sneakers have always been a staple in their wardrobe and there’s always been many stylish options, but for us gals, they were confined mostly to the gym. Now that’s all changed. With all of these cool new options out there, your gym shoes can just be that. GYM shoes. Leave ’em there and try out one of these pairs of cool kicks instead.

In my search for sneakers that would remind me of my beloved Marants, I came across (and bought) these:

Pretty close, right? I normally shy away from anything that’s too close to the original for fear of wearing something that looks like a knock-off, but in this case I didn’t care. And at $149 (and I had a coupon at the time), it’s much easier to swallow. Let me tell you, I wear these ALL THE TIME. Love to the hundredth degree. Now that I had my new kicks, I wanted more. Like these:


These Nikes are on my wish list for sure. They’re high tops, but they are also feminine, sweet and funky. I’m thinking denim cut- offs, cute tee and a fedora. I feel like I’ve come full circle to 6th grade again. Minus the braces and the get up like I walked off the set of Madonna’s Lucky Star video.


Lusting after these as well. The colors are kinda major, no?


And for those of you who think you can’t live without your stilettos-now you can have both.


How sweet are these floral numbers? These Keds (remember having the white ones with the blue tag at the back?) are from a collaboration done with Madewell. They’re actually in my online Madewell shopping bag. (along with a few other things). The check-out button is calling me…….

My love for sneakers doesn’t end with high tops; I’ve also rediscovered an old favorite. If you’re not familiar with Supergas, they’re great. They started off as being a cheap pair of shoes that were meant for average, ordinary people in Italy. Which is the reason for it’s tagline – People’s shoe of Italy. But then it became popular, and evolved to become a famous brand internationally. They’re well-made, comfy and cute. I actually found out about them while searching for sneakers for my daughter, which brings me to the kids!! Kids have not been left out of the sneaker trend. Cool and funky pairs for the little ones have been popping up all over the place. Both my tots are rocking their cool kicks and they both love them. Here’s a few of my favorites:


These were the ones my daughter had. She’s since grown out of them. I plan on buying her another pair when she grows out of her Chuck Taylors. She really loved these and so did I.

I mean, do I really have to say anything about these? I’m getting out my credit card as we speak. Don’t tell my husband.

These scream for my daughter. They’re so her. I’m just loving that the little girls finally have cool sneakers-just like their mommies.

I kid you not, I had these in my hand at Zara the other day-and then my husband walked in. He’s such a shopping buzz kill. Needless to say, these are beyond and your daughter probably wants you to buy her these.

And for the boys…I give you these. My son isn’t big enough for these yet, but rest assured, when he is, he’ll be wearing these.

For your little stud in the making.

Color blocked high tops. Yup.

So there it is. I may have come a long way since Ethel K. Fyle, but apparently I’m still wearing the same shoes.

How to not look like you’ve stayed up for 3 days without a bath, been puked/pooped/peed on and overall just look like crap.

I thought about calling this post “new mom’s guide to not looking like crap”, but the more I thought about it, I think most women, (and let’s be real, pretty much all men) mothers or not, need help not looking like crap. Stress/sleep deprivation will do a number on you, but the rest of the world doesn’t have to know that. Having my kids 13 months apart, I think I am an expert on sleep deprivation and looking like I fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I had to find quick fixes to make myself presentable for things like unexpected company, trips to the market, blah blah blah….Now I’m not sayin go dolly up and throw on your heels, I’m just sayin…look alive, ladies. Literally. Because you haven’t slept in days and you look like death. With all of that said, here is my top 5 list for all you new mommas/really tired chics.

1. Damn, I hate how new I am at this blogging program because I want to highlight, bold face and just overall scream this one: under eye concealer. And not just any one. I have tried them ALL. Admittedly, this one is expensive, but believe me, it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. It’s Cle de Peau Beaute concealer. At $70, it’s pricey, but you will never need another concealer. Ever. Ever. Ever. A few swipes of it and you will look like you just came back from getting fanned and fed grapes in St. Tropez. Yeah, it’s that good.

Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer NM Beauty Award Winner 2012 & 2013 – Neiman Marcus.

2. Hats, hats, hats. Haven’t slept in how long? Baby woke you up how many times last night? Haven’t washed your hair in how long? How’s your hair looking? That’s what I thought. You look homeless. Please throw a hat on that hair before you scare someone.  Hats conceal so much-no one needs to see how much of a hot mess you are under there. They are my savior. Anyone who knows me (or has passed me on the street) knows that my hair is anything but tame. I wasn’t blessed with silky, flowing locks. I have a kinky, frizzy fro. But, I gotta say, fros look good in hats. And I don’t mean your beat up Yankees hat here. (although there’s a place for those, too) That won’t make you feel special. I mean a fedora, a Panama hat, a cool 70s floppy hat. You’ll look like you took time to put yourself together and you’ll feel great, too.

Panama hat – Panama Hat – Women’s j.crew in good company – J.Crew.

Panama hat

3. Manicures. I know this can seem like an indulgence (and who has time for those?), but it does wonders on the self-esteem. You don’t have to go to the fancy spa and drop boatloads of cash. There’s a nail salon on basically every other corner, and you can pretty up your digits quickly and inexpensively. My nail salon charges $8 for a manicure and my ‘nail lady’ is amazing. I’m in and out in about 40 min. There is something about having really pretty hands that makes you feel so done, so lady like, so polished. It’s worth it. Take the time, hand your kids off to mom, hubby, sitter, and go. You’ll feel pretty. And sometimes that’s all it takes to turn a crappy day around.

Deborah Lippmann ‘Cleopatra in New York’ Nail Lacquer | Nordstrom.

4. Stylish diaper bag. Ok, so this is clearly specific to the mommas. And it’s a biggie. Your diaper bag will go with you everywhere for the first few years of your child’s life. EVERYWHERE. You’ll probably get more use out of it than any other bag you’ve ever owned. So make it a good one. You wouldn’t buy a purse you don’t love, so don’t but a diaper bag you don’t love. It doesn’t have to cost big bucks to be chic, either. But if I see you with one with Dora the Explorer or Elmo on it, I will bitch slap you. Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby BINYBBO Shoulder Bag,Black,One Size: Clothing.

5. Ballet flats. I naively thought I would be in heels forever. I even ignorantly said once while newly pregnant “I can totally still wear my heels when I’m 9 months pregnant.” What a tool. I love my heels. Love. Like really love. But let’s be honest. they’re not always realistic. Life can get crazy and you need a shoe that can keep up-and that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. There are so many really chic flats out there-pair with some skinny jeans and a cute tee and you’re done. I have also found that wedge sneakers are equally as comfortable, but they’re not for everyone. The first time my husband saw me in mine he said “They’re a little new school for you, no?” Read: your ass is too old for them. But I think they’re amazing and I could run laps in them, they’re so comfortable.

The Sidewalk Skimmer in Calf Hair – AllProducts – Sale – Madewell.

The Sidewalk Skimmer in Calf Hair

My whole point of this was to merely point out that we need to feel good about ourselves. It’s an issue with new moms. It was a huge issue with me. But how can you take care of anyone else if you’re not taking care of yourself? You are precious. Treat yourself as such.